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Download Class Proposal Form

Teaching is the best way to learn more about something

Class Proposal 

Please be complete. 

We ask all these questions about your proposed class because these are the questions we get asked about upcoming classes.  We want to provide prospective students with as much information as possible so they make an informed decision about what classes to take at Argenta Bead.

You can make it easier on yourself - consider having this information typed out ahead of time so you can copy and paste the information directly into the form fields.

Catchy class titles "catch" attention!

Class Description for Publication (website, newsletter, social media, etc.)  Include things like concepts covered, skills learned, take-home value, skills needed, etc.  Here is where you really sell your class!

We require that you send a photo of the project for your class. Photos should be at least 72 ppi (pixels per inch) and approximately 900 pixels in width (high resolution). The background (preferably white) of your photo should complement your project and your project should almost fill the entire frame of the photo.

We recommend you review other class images to see what works and what does not. Keep your backgrounds simple and not conflicting with your actual project. If your background is too busy, your project image will lose its impact.

Great photos help sell classes!

Instructions on SENDING your Picture

  1. Send photo(s) to:  class at argentabead dot com

  2. Only JPEG files please. Do not use RAW or high resolution files such as .NEF, .CRW, .EPS, .TIFF, etc...

  3. You will receive email confirmation when your photo has been successfully received.

Please do not use all caps. 

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