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Studio Fees

Examples and estimates of basic services we offer anytime, no appointment required, on a first come first served basis. A studio fee implies that you string your own beads and create your own design, and we help you with getting started and finishing. Projects requiring more specialized labor or bulk orders will require a deposit, to be paid in full upon completion at a later date. See our repair info page for more examples of services rendered.


Professional Finishing 

String beads here or at home. Strands can be finished for you continuously or with a clasp starting at $5 per strand with your choice of materials.


Drop Earrings

Simple designs requiring minimal wire wrapping start at just $5 per pair. 

Untitled design (10)_edited.jpg

Charm Jewelry

We will show you how to open and close jump rings at no charge. Our base rate for attaching charms and components is $1 per ring.  


Stretch Bracelets

The typical $5 finishing fee applies when you do the stringing. We can usually do everything for you, for $10 while you wait. 

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Custom Length Chains

When purchasing a sterling silver or gold filled chain from us we will typically assemble it and add simple pendants or other quick add-on's at no charge. 

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Clasp Conversion

If your clasp is broken or you just don't care for it, often times it can be quickly repaired without a big fuss. Between $3-$5 should cover it.

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